Research Projects

Some projects align with research programs, while others are commissioned by clients. 

NCLS Research carries out many research projects.  Some are in line with research programs. Others are commissioned projects designed to address the research needs of clients. 

NCLS Research Projects

With input from key sponsor groups, NCLS Research conducts a full research program that ranges from work on mapping the Australian spiritual landscape, tracking changes in church life, describing who goes to church, assessing church health and vitality, and investigating effective and sustainable leadership.

The most well known project is the five-yearly National Church Life Survey, which has had millions of participants. Internationally, Church Life Surveys have been held in South Africa and the Netherlands in 2019.

Joint Projects

Some projects are conducted in collaboration with colleagues in the academic or scholarly community 

Commissioned Projects

Commissioned research projects are regularly undertaken for organisations, including academics and universities; church leadership, at national, denominational, diocesan and state levels; community service agencies; not-for-profit organisations; as well as consultants.

Here are a few examples of organisations who have used NCLS Research services for their own projects

  • Anglicare Chesalon Services/Anglicare Sydney
  • Anglican Church General Synod
  • Australian Christian Churches National Office
  • Australian Catholic Bishops Conference
  • Australians Together
  • Baptist Church National Office
  • Baptist Union of Victoria
  • Dutch Reformed Church, South Africa
  • Protestant Church and Protestant Theological University, Netherlands
  • Reventure
  • Salvation Army
  • Uniting Church
  • World Vision


Research Projects

Here is a small sample of the type of research projects conducted over many years.

Tearfund Climate Report

An invitation to a new conversation about climate change

About Australian Community Surveys

Tracking Australians' social attitudes, spirituality, religion and wellbeing

Research Projects

Some projects align with research programs, while others are commissioned by clients. 

Research Projects on Leadership

Leadership research projects cover themes related to both effective and sustainable leadership

National Church Life Surveys

The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is a five-yearly co-operative venture across all churches in Australia and is the largest longitudinal study of church life in the world.

Community Research Projects

Community research projects explore Australian spirituality, religiosity, wellbeing and social trends

National Anglican Family Violence Project

A research project into the nature and prevalence of family violence in faith communities

Reventure faith and work study

A research project to investigate faith and work integration for Australian church attenders in paid employment