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Our experienced research team can help you with a small request, access to existing datasets, or a major new project.

Why choose NCLS Research

Take advantage of reliable social research services from a highly skilled and experienced team, based in the Australian context, and recognised internationally.

NCLS Research provides social research and organisational evaluations of the highest calibre to our clients. Led by Associate Professor Ruth Powell, our research team has decades of experience in social sector research and includes academics with particular expertise in the areas of sociology, psychology and religious studies.

NCLS Research conducts the second largest social survey in Australia after the Australian Census, the National Church Life Survey. With our proven experience, we can deliver a research project from start to finish, including a fit-for-purpose nuanced research design, comprehensive results reporting, insightful interpretation, and a compelling summary of the research findings and their implications. We can also provide you with smaller stand-alone solutions, such as survey data collection and delivery, using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Experienced and Reliable

NCLS Research has effectively helped organisations and churches across Australia and internationally, with research proven and honed over 25 years, to suit changing social needs. We have the largest collection of data on church life in the world including over 20 denominations and hundreds of thousands of attenders. Our methods ensure reliable and academically rigorous research.

Equipping and Enlightening

The depth and breadth of the research agenda produces authoritative and thorough findings. Groups are equipped with overview information to inform their pastoral and strategic leadership, helping them make best use of their data to build for the future. Trends and patterns are discerned about church life and Australian society. 

Customised and Innovative

Customised profiles and reports are designed to help each group see and understand their specific results for their unique context. New initiatives and innovations are used: from scanning technologies to fast online provision of results, compatible across devices for easy dissemination.

Fit-for-purpose research design. Comprehensive results. Insightful interpretation

Commission your own research project

Research tailored to your needs to inform your organisation

We welcome your research requests , from small queries, to major new projects.  NCLS Research has provided research services for academics, national and denominational church leadership, not-for-profit organisations and community service agencies, both in Australia and internationally with high quality research outcomes.

Your organisation can receive targeted and credible research to inform best practice, to drive organisational improvement and to measure changes over time.

NCLS Research’s combined research, infrastructure and logistics capabilities enable us to offer world class research solutions at competitive prices.

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Access to NCLS results and datasets

NCLS Research aims to encourage research and to share data and results.

Public domain 

Survey results that are in the public domain, such as on the NCLS website, are available on request and in many instances, free of charge. It is always appropriate to attribute the work to NCLS Research authors and to cite the data sources correctly. If it is not clear how to do this, please contact the NCLS Research office for assistance, (

Denominational survey results

Survey results that have already been released as part of NCLS Denominational Church Life Profiles are also available on request, provided that permission is given by the denomination to the person requesting the results. People seeking such results are required to submit formal written research requests to NCLS Research.

Unpublished results

 Survey Results and Datasets not currently in the public domain need a written research request. Fees will apply. An ‘NCLS Results Request’ form or ‘NCLS Dataset Request’ form will need to be completed.

Denominational Research Partners

for more than 30 years, Australian Christian denominations have been in a research partnership with NCLS Research.   As well as collaborating on projects such as the National Church Life Surveys, denominations commission projects to meet their their own needs. 

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Leaders from denominations, churches and academic bodies commend the work of NCLS Research.