About NCLS Research

Co-operating denominations, including Catholics, Anglicans and Protestants, are a network for sharing practical resources to help

About NCLS Research

NCLS Research is a world leader in research focused on connecting churches and their communities.

Decades of rigorous and thoughtful work has examined wellbeing, spirituality and church health. Our most well known five-yearly project is called the National Church Life Survey, which has had millions of participants.


Find out about our research programs and diverse projects. We can answer your research questions or help with quality custom research.


More than 30 years of research on Australian churches and community give strong foundations for insights.


NCLS Research has decades of experience in small project surveys and national surveys, using paper and online tools. 


Do you have research needs?   Our experienced team can help you with a small request, access to existing datasets, or a major new project.

The Team

A multi-disciplinary, ecumenical team from a diversity of backgrounds, NCLS Research aims to provide credible research with life-giving resources and dynamic communication of current trends.

Board and Partners

The NCLS Board of Governors represents primary sponsors. Other partners include denominations, universities, schools, community services and other non-profit organisations.


Thriving Christian communities understanding their role and mission within a changing society.


To conduct credible research to:
* Support church life and health
* Invite the wider community to reflect upon their spiritual journey

Organisational VALUES

We have four key values. We seek to be credible, unifying, vital & prophetic.


  • We seek to provide trustworthy and authoritative research
  • We want other researchers to have access to high quality data sources


  • We seek to nurture life and health
  • We aim to identify and build on strengths


  • We serve the diversity of churches
  • We facilitate mutual learning & sharing ideas between churches
  • We encourage churches to work together in mission and ministry


  • We provide a critical analysis and interpretation of church and community trends
  • We encourage informed reflection, evaluation, and decisions for mission
  • We aim to be a catalyst for creative mission in a changing context