NCLS Research have been running surveys in churches and in the wider community for over 30 years.

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(02) 9139 2525

2021 National Church Life Survey

The 2021 National Church Life Survey is the seventh wave of the five-yearly NCLS .

2021 NCLS
National Church Life Surveys

NCLS Research runs the 5 yearly ‘National Church Life Survey’.  Involving hundreds of thousands of churchgoers and thousands of churches and leaders, across more than 20 denominations each cycle, the Australian NCLS is the largest longitudinal study of church life in the world. 

National Church Life Surveys
Community Surveys

The Local Community Survey is for people who are connected with the church, but don't regularly attend worship services or Mass, e.g. playgroup attendees, youth group parents, Op Shop customers etc. It is designed to learn about the views and practices of people in the community (beyond regular attenders) and help a church to strengthen their connections with the wider community. 

Local Community Surveys
Australian Community Surveys

Australian Community Surveys have been conducted over decades. Goals are to compare the attitudes of church attenders and the wider community on a range of social issues, to track religiousness trends over time and to evaluate how the Australian community views the role of churches in society.

Australian Community Surveys