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Local church results from the National Church Life Survey have been released.

Full Church Life Profiles are out now!


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Church Life Pack

Church Life Packs are being mailed to participating churches

After completion of the 2021 NCLS, participating churches receive a Church Life Pack of resources, both online and in hard copy. The Pack includes their survey results and practical tools to help churches to strengthen their vitality and inform their directions for the future.

After the Survey

Evaluate, communicate and act on your results

After completing a Church Life Survey, we encourage churches to make the most of their survey results. We recommend you take 3 steps: Evaluate, Communicate and Act.

Church Life Profile

Churches that complete a Church Life Survey will receive a Church Life Profile of their survey results.

The Church Life Profile is a 28 to 36 page colour report that shows the survey responses of their church attenders, in 9 core qualities of church life.

View and share your Profile

There are several ways to view and share your Church Life Profile with others.

Participating churches will receive their Church Life Profile online and in print. They will be advised of the process to sign in to MyNCLS to access their Profile/s and share them with others.

Make the most of your 2021 NCLS survey results

  • Explore your Church Life Pack of resources
  • Walk through your Profile of results
  • Look over your Workbook and practical processes 
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Latest Research Findings


Growth in faith impacted by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic saw church groups in many areas unable to meet together. Instead, churchgoers stayed home, many watched the live-streamed service, some received devotional material in their letterbox, and others simply did not connect with church in that time. If a key focus of the church is to foster an active and growing faith in attenders did growth in faith suffer from ‘separation anxiety’ when God’s people couldn't be together? And was there a hidden silver lining to the COVID-19 restrictions on church?

Invite a friend to church at Christmas, they just might come

A visit to church at Christmas might be a natural thing to do for some, but for many Australians, even if they are believers, interrupting their holiday celebrations to attend a religious Christmas service might simply be too much to ask. For Christians, many want to share this precious time with their loved ones. So how many Australians, if asked, would attend a church service at Christmas time? The answer according to our research is 3 in 10.

Well done, Team Church!

Surely it couldn’t be done. How do you run a national survey across thousands of local churches in cities and towns across the nation in the middle of a pandemic? Our NCLS Research team have been running the National Church Life Survey every five years at the same time as the National Census, but this time has been the hardest challenge yet.

Faith shapes decisions, actions and identity

The clear majority of Australian churchgoers say that their Christian faith impacts and informs the decisions and actions of their daily lives. As well, they strongly affirm that their faith in God is an important part of their personal identity.


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