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Do churches intentionally develop emerging leaders?

The identification, formation, training and support of new leaders is crucial to the viability and future of churches. According to the most recent National Church Life Survey, 85% of senior local church leaders say they intentionally develop emerging leaders.

Areas of ministry most common for emerging leaders

While all people have gifts and skills, those who lead have a particular role to play, and there are opportunities for emerging leaders to become involved in a wide array of ministry areas. Survey results show that churches include emerging leaders in a range of areas, especially in roles that are integral to the worship and teaching life of the church.

Gap between aspiration and actually developing new leaders

Amidst the many and various demands on current church leaders, how much attention is given by them to tasks associated with developing the leadership of others? Our research reveals a significant gap between the attention given by senior local church leaders to leadership development and the attention that they think they should give to it.

Leaders' views on leadership development culture

The development of effective leaders and effective leadership practices is a matter of significant concern in churches. In the 2021 NCLS Leader Survey, senior leaders in local churches (congregations and parishes) were asked about the leadership development culture at their church.

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Church Attender Profiles Now Available

Understand your chosen group of churchgoers

Are you interested in doing a deep dive on a particular group of church attenders? Explore our range of Church Attender Profiles, focussing on your chosen group of attenders. Understand their views of church health and experiences of church life. Browse by life stage, generation, gender and more...

Do you know about a church plant or new gathering?

Share with others in the New Churches Project!

Can you contribute to the New Churches Project which aims to support the Australian Church to invest in new churches or gatherings?

Student Spiritual Life Survey

A survey to understand the spiritual beliefs, attitudes and practices of your students and the impact of your school

Understand the spiritual beliefs, attitudes and practices of your students and the impact of your school activities on their faith. Developed by NCLS Research, this survey is based on more than 30 years of experience in world-class research into faith, church life and spirituality.

Church Life Survey

Anytime, any church can order a Church Life Survey!

You can discover valuable insights about your church through a Church Life Survey anytime. It is simple to run, and in only 20 minutes, enables your church to assess your church health, discover and build on your strengths, and determine priorities and future directions.


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