SoR HSC Religion & Peace

NCLS Research insights that relate to the SoR syllabus area: HSC Religion & Peace

HSC Religion and Peace

A range of articles, infographics, videos and fast facts that relate to the Studies of Religion syllabus area HSC Religion and Peace, including:

  • Mental health support from churches
  • Spiritual practices preferred by Australians
  • Stressors, isolation and support amongst Australians


Mental health support from church

Churchgoers rated mental health support from their church as good, yet many churches unaware.

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Spiritual practices that appeal to Australians

Nature, music, prayer and meditation are Australians' preferred spiritual practices.

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Stressors, isolation and support in 2020

Australians enduring stress of pandemic and natural disasters

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Time in nature is most preferred spiritual practice of Australians in 2021

When provided with a list of choices of spiritual practices, and asked which appeal to them most, 52% of Australians selected being in nature or the outdoors as their top preference of spiritual practices.

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Churchgoers are active in volunteering their help

The majority of churchgoers give their time and energy in voluntary work or informal ways of helping others.

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