Australian Wellbeing, Resilience and Spirituality

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Free webinar:

Australian Wellbeing, Resilience and Spirituality

After three tough years, what's changed and what helps


This webinar offers latest research insights into Australian spirituality plus reflection about the impact on communities of faith.

Following the past three years of fire, flood and pandemic, we check in on how Australians are really doing. What do we have left in the tank? Have we run out of reserves or are we raring with resilience? And what difference does spirituality make when the going gets tough?

This webinar explores Australians’ levels of wellbeing and resilience, as well as the spiritual practices and beliefs they turn to in times of crisis. Findings are based on the results from the latest Australian Community Survey by NCLS Research.


Date : Thursday 30 March

Time: 11am (NSW/VIC) /10am (QLD)


You’ll discover:

  • how Australians are really managing and the role of spirituality in getting them through
  • the difference that factors like age and gender can make
  • what this means for the mission of your congregation and the broader Aussie church.



Speakers for this webinar are Dr Ruth Powell, Director of NCLS Research and guest speaker Jon Owen, Pastor and CEO of Wayside Chapel. Dr Ruth Powell will share latest results from the Australian Community Survey while Jon Owen will provide his reflections on the implications of these findings for ministry and mission.


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Data Sources:

2022 Australian Community Survey

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