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NCLS Research insights that relate to the SoR syllabus area: HSC Religion & Non Religion

HSC Religion & Non Religion

A range of articles, infographics, videos and fast facts that relate to the Studies of Religion syllabus area HSC Religion & Non Religion, including:

  • Rise of 'no religion' in Census affiliation
  • Religious and spiritual identity of Australians
‘No religion’ part of ongoing trend, but not whole story

2021 Census results suggest religious affiliation is on the decline, but we say there is more to the story of people's religiousness.

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2020 Australian Community Survey Vox Pops

Video interviews of Australians: their spirituality and attitudes to being invited to church.

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Religious, spiritual, neither or both? 4 groups of Australians

A range of spiritual and religious identities exist amongst Australians.

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Who is going Messy?

Attendance, change and intergenerational mix in Messy Churches in Australia.

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Is being Messy healthy?

Characteristics, health and innovations of Messy Churches in Australia.

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What roles should churches play in society?

Australians nominate three main roles for churches: performing rites of passage, encouraging good morals, and supporting the poor.

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