Church Life Pack

Resources to help churches get the most out of their Church Life Survey results

About the Church Life Pack

After completion of the 2021 National Church Life Survey, participating churches receive a Church Life Pack of resources, including their survey results in a Church Life Profile.

The Church Life Pack is designed to help churches get the most out of their results, strengthen their vitality and build direction for the future.

•  Contents of the Church Life Pack

•  Delivery timeline of the Church Life Pack

Life-giving resources

The pack equips churches in a practical way. It contains resources to help each church to explore and apply their survey findings in their unique context. Churches use their survey feedback to celebrate their strengths, hold informed discussions, make better choices and take steps of action into the future.


Church Life Pack contents

The Church Life Pack contains...



contains the unique survey results for a church, including online access to Profiles. The full Church Life Profile includes a church's Summary Profile of key highlights, as well as a Detailed Review of results over time with comparisons to others. As well, it includes Child Survey results or Denominational commissioned questions if undertaken.


includes practical tools, workshops, worksheets and exercises to help churches make the most of their survey results. After the survey, use the Workbook processes to evaluate, communicate and act on your results.


outlines the background research on church vitality and church trends over time. This 3rd edition includes updates from the 2016 NCLS, denominational comparisons and changes over time in religious affiliation and church attendance and size. Available online as ebook pdf.


lists organisations and businesses providing services to local churches. 

Delivery timeline for range of Profiles and resources

There are several phases in the release of results and resources to local churches:

April 2022: Summary Profile online

      • The first release of a church's survey results is the Summary Profile. This initial Profile provides key highlights across 8 pages, in a colourful infographic style, which can be downloaded as a pdf file.

September 2022: Church Life Profile online

      • The next release of a church's full survey results is the Church Life Profile. This full colour Church Life Profile includes a detailed review of core qualities of church life as well as change over time data and comparisons with denominational results. Churches who completed the optional Child Survey will also find Child Survey results included. It is 28 to 36 pages, available as pdf for download and sharing. 

October 2022: Church Life Profile mailed to churches in a Church Life Pack of resources

      •  A printed copy of the Church Life Profile is sent to each church, as part of their Church Life Pack, along with a Workbook, Enriching Church Life ebook and other supporting resources.

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