View and share your Profile

There are several ways to view and share your Church Life Profile and accompanying resources with others.

After completing a Church Life Survey, churches will receive a Church Life Profile of results, both via email and in a hard copy. It is part of the Church Life Pack of resources provided to churches. Several options are available to view and share your Profile and resources with others.

How to view your Church Life Profile online

How to share your results


How to view your Church Life Profile online

Your church's Profile of results and other Church Life Pack resources are available at
To view Church Life Profiles online, churches will receive an email with their sign in details.


Participating churches have been sent an email with instructions to sign in to 'MyNCLS'.

One person will need to sign in to MyNCLS and register on behalf of your church. Once signed in, you will access MyNCLS, a webpage where you can:

  • View and share your Church Life Profile/s online
  • Download electronic versions of your Workbook, Enriching Church Life ebook, and other resources

The email sent to your church has instructions on how to sign in to MyNCLS, including the email address we have on record for your church as the primary contact. Use that email to sign in.
(Wrong email? If the email address listed is incorrect, please contact NCLS Research to authorise another email address as the primary point of contact for your church. Email:

Each Church Life Profile also has a unique “Report Code” which is linked to your church’s primary contact email.

View Sample Email sent to churches (pdf)

How to sign in:

  • Via a link sent in an email from NCLS Research: Your church will have received an email, sent to the email address listed in our records for your church, with a link to view your Profile/s. Click on that link and follow the prompts to register. This will automatically display your Profile/s.
  • Manual entry: You can also sign in manually. Go to, enter the church contact email address provided, and follow the prompts.

Once logged in you can view and share your Profile as well as the resources included in your Church Life Pack, including Enriching Church Life ebook and Workbook.

Sign in to view and share your Profiles 

How to share your results with others

You have some options for sharing your Church Life Profile/s, either in hard copy or electronic form:


  • Option 1: Photocopy the printed Profile found in your Pack.


Go online and sign in to view your Profile, either using the automated link sent to you, or manually via Once signed in:

  • Option 2: Download your Profile as a pdf document and share.
  • Option 3: Go to your ‘MyNCLS’ web page and copy the unique “Report Code” for each Profile report to share with others. Anyone with this Report Code can go to and enter it to view your Profile.

If you have the "Report Code" for a Church Life Profile, you can enter it below to view the Profile online:


Enter Report Code

Where do I find my Report Code?

The Report Code for each Church Life Profile is held inside your church's 'MyNCLS' secure administration online. Church leaders can sign in to MyNCLS and copy their Report Code to share with others. 


Want to View a Sample Profile?

See what churches receive in their Church Life Profile of results.


View Sample Church Life Profile 2024

Click the link above to download a sample CLP as a pdf

View Sample Church Life Profile (online)

Click the link above and enter the Report Code "2022CLP" to view a  sample CLP online

More information

Getting the most from the survey process

Involving your churchgoers in a process of review through a Church Life Survey can be a positive inclusive process of affirmation, discernment and moving forward together in ministry and mission. When you receive your results, it's important to do something with them. We encourage you to use your Church Life Pack of resources to evaluate your results, communicate any insights or plans, then act together for the future.

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