Consulting Churches Check-in

A free online tool for those supporting church leaders

A free online tool designed to equip and support effective dialogue for those supporting church leaders.

This check-in process records metrics and tracks changes. It assists consultants and leaders to review trends, to reflect, and plan the next steps in leadership development and church health. 
The Consulting Churches Check-In is a free and fast tool for consultants(supervisors, coaches, mentors, consultants & spiritual advisors) to support church leaders in their personal and professional development.
It has been designed in collaboration with church supervisors and coaches, ministry supporters and consultants to provide a tool to record and then review and track key areas of leadership development and church health. Over time, responses provide insights into key metrics, trends and changes over time, equipping both leaders and those who walk beside them with a tool for reflection and further dialogue.

Who’s it for?

The Consulting Churches Check-In is for consultants (supervisors, coaches, supporters, mentors,  consultants and spiritual advisors) working with church leaders, ministers, pastors, priests and ministry leaders.

If you’re a consultant:

Use this as part of your leadership supporting process. It’s a secure online portal, enabling you to have immediate access to the survey responses of those you are working with, and to track their progress over time. Simply register to gain access to this free tool.

If you’re being supported:

Suggest this as a tool to your consultant, to track your progress together.


How does it work?

For consultants
  1.  Register as a coach by emailing with a list of the leaders you are supporting
  2.  You will receive log in details
  3.  Log-in to and assign a survey to a person you are supporting (or multiple persons)
  4.  Receive a notification once survey is completed
  5.  View the responses and explore insights together
  6.  Repeat over time exploring comparisons to earlier survey results


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The Consulting Churches Check in has two modules

Full Consulting Survey 

30 questions, designed for the first check-in and then repeated annually


Support ‘Check-up’

15 questions perfect for regular, ongoing sessions to track progress, provide accountability and guide discussion


Consultants receive:


  • An online dynamic report of their respondent’s results, summarising their progress and trends over time, in key areas of personal and professional development.
  • Church leaders can see their responses over time and track their support journey.


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