Church Life Survey

Any time, any church can listen to their churchgoers, assess their health and inform their directions for the future

Discover valuable insights about your church community through a Church Life Survey. The Church Life Survey takes only 20 minutes, is simple to run and provides all the people involved in your church an opportunity to take part and be heard.


Be informed and equipped

From the survey responses, your church will receive a Church Life Profile that provides insights into the life and experiences of church attenders and provide indicators of church health and vitality which can inform and equip future directions for ministry and mission.

The Church Life Profile includes a snapshot of your church including the:

    • People of this church
    • What we value and prioritise
    • How we relate to God
    • How we relate to each other
    • How we relate to the community
    • Our vision and leadership
    • Attendance measures
    • 9 Core Qualities of church health
    • Comparison benchmarks
    • Child Survey results - if completed


View a sample Church Life Profile

Make the most of your results

Churches also receive the Church Life Pack that includes resources to help churches explore and apply their results. It includes a workbook and copy of Enriching Church Life (3rd ed) that provides background trends, reflective exercises, tools and practical processes, to help a church nurture their health, develop clear and owned vision, and take steps of action together into the future.



Who takes part?

The Church Life Survey is an opportunity to invite everyone aged 8 and older that is a part of the spiritual life of the church to take part. This includes those who attend worship services, prayer meetings, bible studies, youth group and other small groups. Surveys can be completed on paper or online, ideally as a part of a church service or regular activity.

Attender Survey: 15+ years

Child Survey: 8-14 years

When can we do the survey?

Surveys can be ordered and completed at any time.

We recommend ordering and planning your Church Life Survey 6-8 weeks before running the survey for the best results. This allows time for shipping, planning, communicating and engaging with the church community.
Once your church has completed the survey, returns any paper forms for processing and closes the survey period, our team will process the results and prepare the report. Reports are usually available within a few weeks from when the survey is ended.


How much does it cost?

To run the survey and receive the Church Life Profile and Church Life Pack is:

  • $250 service fee and
  • $2 per survey ordered (excl GST)
    (applies to both printed and online surveys)

Ready to discover more
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More information:

Minimum requirements: In order to produce results, a minimum of 10 surveys must be completed, to ensure confidentiality of respondents.

Research Framework: About the NCLS Vitality Measures and 9 Core Qualities of church health.

Ethics Compliance: Charles Sturt University’s Human Research Ethics Committee has approved this project. Contact details: The Governance Officer, Human Research Ethics Committee, Ethics and Compliance Unit, Locked Bag 588, Wagga Wagga NSW 2678, Phone: (02) 6933 4213, Email:

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