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Order a Community Connections Pack for Churches

When you order a Community Connections Pack for Churches, you receive:
CCP Contents
  • A Community Social Profile of your chosen community (you choose the address and specify the radius of the area to be covered)
  • A Guide to the CSP
  • A Community Connections Workbook for Churches
  • Ministry Tip Sheets for use with various groups of people
    e.g. Children’s, Youth or Seniors Ministry.

Place your order

Your church may have already received a Community Connections Pack as a "Purchase or Return" offer. If so, please fill in the response card enclosed with your pack and return it to us, instead of using this form. Click here for more information.

Otherwise, please fill in the following details and click the Order button to order your Community Connections Pack.

Note: All details are required for your order to be processed.

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CSP details

Nominate the centre point (street address) and the radius of the area to be shown in your Community Social Profile
Street Address
(Centre Point)
Suburb State Postcode
Radius (km from centre point street address)
* Recommended radius is 2km for urban areas and 5km for rural areas.
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