Church Life Survey

Anytime, any church can listen to their church attenders,assess their health and inform their directions for the future

Church Life Surveys

help a church to gain insights into their church health and vitality, including churchgoers' experience of church life, discernments for the future and willingness to be involved. 


The Church Life Survey is for churchgoers who attend a church's activities of spiritual nurture, for example church worship services, small groups, or youth groups.
It is designed to listen to church attenders, and gain an evaluation of a church's health, identify and build on strengths, and help form directions for the future. 


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Strengths based, credible and easy to use, the Church Life Survey is used by thousands of churches in over 22 denominations in Australia and overseas.

It is available any time for local churches, with a quick turnaround of results.

It is offered as an online survey and paper survey.


The Church Life Survey includes questions on qualities of church health:

  • Internal qualities of church life: an alive and growing faith, experiences vital and nurturing worship, and feels a strong and growing belonging
  • Outward qualities of church life: practical and diverse service, willing and effective faith-sharing, and intentional and welcoming inclusion
  • Inspirational qualities of church life: a clear and owned vision, inspiring and empowering leadership, and openness to imaginative and flexible innovation
  • Attendance measures: including young adult retention, inflow of newcomers and attendance patterns 
  • Comparison benchmarks are provided, regionally, denominationally and nationally (where sample size is sufficient).


Churches receive
  • a Church Life Profile of their unique results, along with a Workbook and supporting resources to explore and apply their results. Practical processes are provided to help a church develop a clear and owned vision and take steps of action together into the future.

How much? $250 plus $2 (exc GST) per survey ordered.


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