SoR HSC Religion in Aust post 1945

NCLS Research insights that relate to the SoR syllabus area: HSC Religion in Aust post 1945

HSC Religion in Australia post 1945

A range of articles, infographics, videos and fast facts that relate to the Studies of Religion syllabus area HSC Religion in Australia post 1945, including:

  • Census - changing patterns of religious adherence
  • Christianity as the major religious tradition
Ethnic diversity in Australian churches

The proportion of church attenders born overseas has risen over time, up to 37% in 2021. About a quarter of churchgoers speak a language other than English at home.

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Getting older… and younger at church

Yes, churchgoers are ageing overall, but where young adults can be found, they give a confident and positive report of their church experience.

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Who's in the Pews? View webinar now

Who really goes to church today.. and what that means for ministry and mission.

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What roles should churches play in society?

Australians nominate three main roles for churches: performing rites of passage, encouraging good morals, and supporting the poor.

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Which age groups are most familiar with Christianity and what do they believe?

While Australians aged 65+ are the most familiar with the Christian faith, the younger age groups express higher levels of belief in God or a higher power.

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What Australians really think about Jesus and the church today. View now

Webinar presentation on trends in Australian spirituality, views of Jesus and church.

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Time in nature is most preferred spiritual practice of Australians in 2021

When provided with a list of choices of spiritual practices, and asked which appeal to them most, 52% of Australians selected being in nature or the outdoors as their top preference of spiritual practices.

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Church actions and connections with indigenous people and culture

The breadth, depth and type of engagement local churches have with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures.

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2020 Australian Community Survey Vox Pops

Video interviews of Australians: their spirituality and attitudes to being invited to church.

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Spiritual practices that appeal to Australians

Nature, music, prayer and meditation are Australians' preferred spiritual practices.

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