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NCLS Research insights that relate to the SoR syllabus area: HSC Christianity

HSC Christianity Depth Study

A range of articles, infographics, videos and fast facts that relate to the Studies of Religion syllabus area HSC Christianity, including:

  • Saturday/Sunday worship
  • Baptism
  • Environmental ethics
What Australians really think about Jesus and the church today. View now.

Webinar presentation on trends in Australian spirituality, views of Jesus and church.

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Churchgoers prioritise community

Community comes first for church attenders after disruption of COVID-19.

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Environmental measures in church buildings

Churches most commonly use rainwater tanks, recycled water, energy saving measures, water saving measures and solar panels in their buildings.

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Environmental activities of churches

A wide range of environmental activities are reported by churches.

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Civic environmental actions of church attenders

Environmental events, voting and giving money are most common civic actions of churchgoers.

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Views on climate change

Most churchgoers say climate change is happening and steps should be taken to respond.

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Consumer environmental actions of church attenders

Recycling, composting and switching off lights are top consumer environmental actions of churchgoers.

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Views on the environment

Views and actions of churchgoers and church leaders in caring for the environment.

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Attenders overall experiences in church worship services

Most church attenders feel positive about their local church worship experience

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Australians attending church

How many Australians attend church in an average week?

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Attenders hold varied preferences for worship styles

Quiet, energetic, consistent or new? Church attenders vary on their preferred worship style in church.

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Reasons for attending church services

Churchgoers differ across denominations in why they attend worship services

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Sacrament and word

What churchgoers most value in their local church

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Easter: when churches and communities connect

Some 16% of Australians attend an Easter service during Holy Week.

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More Australians return to religious services in the 2nd year of the pandemic

Religious service attendance rises in 2021 to pre pandemic levels, with around one in five Australians saying they attend religious services frequently.

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What attenders value about church

In their local church, some churchgoers value the sacraments most highly, others value preaching and teaching most.

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COVID and church: what effect did it have?

Since March 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives in multiple ways, including at church.

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