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Credible, easy to use surveys to assess the health and effectiveness of your organisation

NCLS Research aims to equip leaders to nurture healthy organisations.

We offer a range of credible, easy to use surveys that provide practical insights into the health and effectiveness of your group.

Our research design is tested with academic rigour and has been proven over decades, in both the Australian and international contexts.

Bespoke options are available so contact us for a quote. 

With our world class research, we serve many organisations, including churches, schools, community agencies and services. We can tailor a survey for your organisation.






Our clients include more than 20 Christian denominations in Australia and overseas, with our most recent surveys being commissioned by:


The Netherlands Church Life Survey

CLS- Southern Africa 

Presbyterian NSW Leaders Survey

Australian Christian Churches Census

Our suite of surveys include: 

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For further details or inquiries, or to discuss your customised survey needs, please contact the NCLS Research office info@ncls.org.au