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The reality and experience of church life today.

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How healthy are Australian churches?


This webinar was held on Thursday 27th October 2022 and is now available for viewing online.


How has COVID-19 affected church life? How do churchgoers evaluate their local church in 9 core areas of church health? What are the latest national trends and insights that impact ministry and mission?

Watch this free webinar above, to find out the reality and experience of church life today.

Results from the 2021 National Church Life Survey (2021 NCLS) provide the most recent, comprehensive evaluation of the health of churches across Australia. Thousands of churches across the country completed the survey during the new era of a COVID-changed world. Their stories contribute to this picture of church health and vitality.

It is the first release of national findings on church health from the 2021 NCLS, so don't miss out!


Speakers :

Keynote Speaker: Dr Ruth Powell, Director, NCLS Research

Dr Ruth Powell is Director of NCLS Research, a research centre that focuses on church vitality and community spirituality and wellbeing. Ruth has worked with NCLS Research since 1991 and became Director in 2007. She also holds a position as Associate Professor and Research Fellow, Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture, Charles Sturt University. Ruth has a heart to empower local churches, denominational leaders and other community leaders through world-leading research projects—including NCLS Research’s flagship program, the National Church Life Survey (NCLS). An excellent communicator, Ruth has a talent for drawing out relevant, accessible insights from the vast reservoir of complex data available in the NCLS.

Sam Sterland is a Senior Researcher at NCLS Research. He has a background in ministry, counselling and psychology and has co-authored NCLS publications on church life and sustainable leadership. Sam enjoys turning research into useful resources and has a passion to help local churches be healthy and fulfil their mission, and for leaders to avoid burnout and thrive.


Data Sources:

2021 National Church Life Survey

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