Survey Kit

Churches who participate in a Church Life Survey receive a Survey Kit to help them run the survey

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Each participating church will receive a Survey Kit including surveys ordered, along with a Guide for the person coordinating the survey at the church and Instructions for completing the Attender Survey, as well as other surveys i.e. Child Surveys and Local Community Surveys.



Your Survey Kit contains:

Survey Coordinator's Guide

Read the Survey Coordinator's Guide for all you need to know to complete a Church Life Survey at your church.

It outlines the various surveys, including the Attender Survey and the Child Survey (optional-if ordered); along with how to coordinate the surveys either on paper or online, across church sites and how to return completed surveys.

Download Guide (Sample only)


Site Instructions for every location or site

The Site Instructions for the Attender Survey displays the Church Code for each church location or site and gives directions on how to distribute materials to leaders of each Worship Service, Mass or activity, at each church location, site or Mass centre, where the survey will be held. 

Distribute each set of Site Instructions, along with Attender Surveys and Collection Envelopes to church leaders at every church location or site where you will complete the survey.

Download Site Instructions (Sample only)


Attender Surveys ordered

The Attender Survey is for regular church attenders aged 15 years and over. It explores their experiences of church life, their hopes, strengths and evaluation of their church's health.

It is best to be completed together during a Worship Service, Mass, or activity of spiritual nurture. Options are provided for in-person gatherings as well as live online streamed services.  Each attender must complete the survey once only. The survey takes around 15-20 minutes to complete.

It is optional and confidential. Parents can decline the participation of their 15 year old child.

Languages: The Attender Survey is available in English, Arabic, Burmese (Chin and Karen), Chinese, Korean, Sudanese (Dinka), Tongan and Vietnamese.  (Chin, Karen and Dinka are offered as paper surveys only.)

Online option: The Attender Survey can be completed on a paper survey form, or online at

View Attender Survey-Protestant (Sample only)

View Attender Survey-Catholic (Sample only)

View more directions on how to complete the Attender Survey

Survey Returns Coversheet

(one per church location or mass centre)

To be completed by each participating church site or mass centre and included with their batch of completed surveys for return.

 N.B. Multi-site churches or parishes should complete one Coversheet for each participating site or location and include with their batch of completed surveys on return (see page 3 of Guide for more details).

View Sample Survey Returns Coversheet (pdf)- (Sample only)


Attender Survey Collection Envelopes

(one per 50 Attender Surveys)

To be used to collect surveys once completed.

Inside the envelope, place completed Attender Surveys and Child Surveys (if completed). Approx 50 surveys per envelope. Please seal the envelopes and do not read attender responses, to protect attenders' anonymity.


Return Address Mailing Label

(one copy)

For use on your postpack to mail your completed survey items back to NCLS Research.

Stick the return address label over the original postpack that your surveys arrived in, to mail your completed survey items to NCLS Research at PO Box 92, North Ryde BC, NSW 1670.  Please mail back within 2 weeks of completion. Thank you for covering the cost of postage.


Child Surveys ordered
(Optional- if your church ordered them)

(multiple as ordered)

To be completed by attenders aged 8 to 14 years, during a worship service or children's activity.

Online option: The Child Survey can be completed on a paper survey form, or online at

View Sample Child Survey (pdf) (Sample only)

Child Survey Instructions

(one per church location or mass centre- if your church ordered Child Surveys)

To be used by leaders of children's activities to conduct the survey among children.

View Child Survey Instructions (pdf) (Sample only)

Parent and Guardian Information Sheet

(multiple copies- if your church ordered Child Surveys)

To distribute to parents and guardians of children aged 8 to 14 prior to the survey.

View Child Survey Parent Information Sheet (pdf)

Surveys can be completed online:

Get Ready to Run the Survey at your Church




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