Research Profile

A customisable Profile of results comparing groups of attenders

The NCLS Research Profile is a customisable 18 page report that compares three chosen groups of church attenders who participated in the National Church Life Survey.

It presents comparisons on the NCLS church vitality measures, as well as the people's demographics and background.

Comparison group examples include age groups, gender, and country of birth.

Customisable- showing your data from the NCLS

Participating denominations are now able to order a Research Profile for their chosen group of attenders.

The 18 page Profile contains attenders' demographics, patterns of attendance and involvement, as well as their evaluation of church health and vitality, highlighting each group's responses.

You can choose to:

  • compare within your denomination
  • compare against all Australian churches
  • compare across time (2011 NCLS, 2016 NCLS, 2021 NCLS)

Each Profile page of results has three columns, showing your chosen group's results.

These Research Profiles are modelled on our Church Life Profile, but you can choose up to 3 groups to compare in a 3 column format. 

For example,  

  • Age: compare attenders across 3 different age groups in your denom: 15-30 year olds, 31-55 year olds, and 56+ year olds.
  • Gender: compare across 3 groups in your denom: Females in your denom, Males in your denom, All attenders in your denom.
  • Country of Birth: compare attenders from different countries of birth in your denom: born in Australia, born in non-English overseas country, born in English speaking overseas country.
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander: compare attenders by ATSI background in your denom and in Australia: ATSI in your denom, non-ATSI in your denom, ATSI in Australian churches.


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