Nearly half of Australians open to invitation to church at Christmas

Invite someone to church this Christmas

As Christmas approaches, many Christians might want to share this time with their loved ones. Some may feel unsure about how an invitation to church would be received by their family or friends.

So, how many Australians, if asked, would attend a church service at Christmas time?

The answer according to our research is just under half (45%) would say yes, with another 20% unsure.


Relationships are key

So what encourages someone to come along and be part of the celebration at a Christmas service? From ongoing Australian Community Surveys (ACS) we know that relationships are vital when it comes to inviting people to church and receiving a positive response.

The most common factor that would encourage people to accept an invitation to church is if they feel it is important to the friend or relative (34% in 2021). The next most common factors are how welcoming and caring the church is (16% and 13% respectively in 2021).

For those who  value this season as a time to reflect on the story of the first Christmas and the message of Emmanuel - or 'God with us' - the research findings confirm that: 

  • 45% of Australians say they would attend a Christmas service if asked
  •  Close friends and family are open to invitation if is important to the person they care about
  • Strong and positive relationships with those who do not attend churches are important.

Christmas is a great reason to invite friends and family to come and see who the celebration is all about!

Data Sources:

2022 Australian Community Survey, by NCLS Research (n=3090)

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