Most Australians believe in spiritual experiences

The mystical and supernatural are part of the experience or belief of most Australians

Some 37% of Australians have had a mystical or supernatural experience or know someone who has. A further 30% believe it could occur. Just 23% think such experiences do not occur.

In summary:

Age: There is no simple relationship between age and mystical experience. The oldest Australians are the cohort least likely to have had such experiences first or secondhand.

Gender: Women are more likely than men to have had a mystical or supernatural experience.

Education: Mystical and supernatural experiences does not differ substantially by education.

Religion: A majority of those who do not identify with a religion have had a mystical or supernatural experience, know someone who has, or think it is possible.

Spirituality Cluster: Those who are moderately religious/spiritual show a high belief in the possibility of these experiences even if they have not experienced it themselves.


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