Local Community Survey

In 15 minutes see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs

Local Community Surveys

help a church to gain insights into people in the local area who are connected to the church in some way, their views on the community and their attitudes to faith and church. 


The Local Community Survey is for people connected with a church, but not regularly attending, for example playgroup attendees, youth group parents, or community dinners.
It is designed to learn about the views and practices of people in the community (beyond regular attenders) and help a church to strengthen their connections with the wider community. 


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Researcher designed, quick and easy to use, the Local Community Survey is available for churches throughout Australia, at any time that suits them.

It is offered as an online survey.

The Local Community Survey includes questions on the following topics:

  • About the neighbourhood: levels of satisfaction, whether people help each other and how churches can make a useful contribution
  • Wellbeing: overall wellbeing, levels and sources of stress and support
  • Church connections: Points of connection with churches, history of attendance at church services in person or online and likelihood to recommend this church to others
  • Spiritual/religious identity and practices and interest in spiritual resources from church
  • Demographics: age, gender, ethnicity, education.


Churches receive
  • a dynamic report of their community members' responses, summarising their views, opinions and attitudes to faith, church and spirituality. Also included are supporting resources to explore and reflect on their results.

How much? $200 (exc GST) for unlimited online surveys.