Do you know about a church plant or new gathering?

Share with others in the New Churches Project!

Can you contribute to the New Churches Project which aims to support the Australian Church to invest in new churches or gatherings?

There are nearly 400 new churches already listed on the New Churches website. We will take an annual snapshot of new churches at the end of March. Can you help add or update information about new churches before then?   

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What does ‘new church’ mean? It is a church that started from 2011 onward. You may use different labels such as: church plants, new initiatives, faith communities, micro church, simple church, and so on.

The goals of New Churches Project are:

  • To encourage: See the website to explore new initiatives being taken in all faith traditions across Australia.
  • To share new information: You can add what you know information about new gatherings/church plants.
  • To equip and inform: A series of research reports about church planting and other innovation in church life will be released over time.

While people can add and update information at any time, annual snapshots will map the changes across movements and across the country. While we know it will never be fully up to date, we are planning to take the 2024 “snapshot” - a slice in time  - at the end of March.  So, this is a big push to encourage anyone who knows about plans for new churches to update the information.  They can be prospects, active, or non active gatherings. You may be a network leader, a denominational leader, a local church leader, a church planter, or a participant in a new gathering.   All contributions are welcome!

The New Churches Project is a partnership between NCLS Research and Exponential Australia, “a community of activists who champion the cause of healthy church multiplication.”



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