Did COVID impact on local church innovativeness?

Church attender views about the pandemic and technological innovation

While the COVID-19 pandemic was highly disruptive to church life, it has been suggested that one positive aspect was that it pushed churches into embracing technology at a more rapid pace. 

What was the view of attenders who were engaged in their local churches during this period? Did the pandemic help churches into the digital age?

The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) was conducted in 2021 and 2022 in the context of a global pandemic.  Results from the NCLS show that nearly 8 in ten (78%) church attenders agreed that the pandemic has helped the Church into digital age. Around a quarter (26%) strongly agreed and half (52%) agreed. 

Some groups who were more likely to agree with this idea included: young adults, women, new arrivals to church life and Pentecostal attenders.


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