Form an overview of your results and communicate key insights with yout church


Communicate key findings and plans

Sharing the findings of your survey with the whole church to help them own any future plans, directions and mission goals. Invite them to participate in a process of action. A strong sense of ownership leads to a more healthy church.


Communicate key findings or insights

Communicate your results and insights from the survey with your whole church.
Celebrate your strengths identified in the survey. 
Pray together as you discern insight and wisdom.


Invite churchgoers to be part of future plans

Inform your church of any future plans or processes being taken to respond to your survey results.
Invite churchgoers to be part of any future planning processes, directions or initiatives. 


Resources to help you communicate:

The Church Life Survey Workbook provides suggested communication tools including:

  • Discussion with a core leadership group; Conversation with a mentor; and Presentation of a summary report to committee, council or board.
  • 10 ideas for communicating at church.


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