Bayside Community Church completes the 2021 NCLS in the park!

Innovating during COVID-19 restrictions

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Bayside Community Church completes the 2021 NCLS in the park!

One of the first churches to complete their National Church Life Survey did so in the park! Remember, our online surveys can be completed anywhere. If restrictions permit, why not gather and complete your surveys with your church family whether online or paper copy?

Here's their story..

"At Bayside we love doing church in different ways.

Yesterday was our first face to face "Lounge Room" Church since June. Once a month we gather as church in "lounge rooms" rather than in one large service in person or more recently, online via zoom. Some of our groups chose to meet outdoors at local parks, while others met in actual lounge rooms...

As well as spending time reconnecting with each other, encouraging and supporting one another, we took part in the 2021 National Church Life Survey. Thanks NCLS Research for the opportunity to take part and each have our say!"



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