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NCLS Research holds datasets on a wide range of views, actions and characteristics of church attenders, leaders and church congregations and parishes. These datasets have been derived from National Church Life Surveys of hundreds of thousands of church attenders, tens of thousands of church leaders, and thousands of local churches conducted over 20 years. From religious and spiritual practices to views about political issues, from church governance to church social service activities, and from leadership practices to leader wellbeing, NCLS Research holds an enormous amount of data on all things church and church interface with the community.

NCLS Research welcomes requests for datasets and for results derived from these datasets. Survey results that are in the public domain, such as those that have appeared in NCLS books and fact sheets, are available on request and free of charge. Where such data/results are not in the public domain, a charge applies (a minimum of $240 for results requests, and a minimum of $1,000 for datasets requests, for non-commercial use).

National Church Life Survey topic and questions database: A database containing the topics and survey questions that were included in the 2011 National Church Life Survey. Note that many of the questions were included in previous rounds of the NCLS, enabling analysis of trends over time.

Working with NCLS Survey Data and Questions:This document provides an overview of the National Church Life Surveys and the process for requesting and obtaining datasets and results from these surveys.


Download Working with NCLS Data and Questions

NCLS Results Request Form: Use this form to request results derived from NCLS datasets. If you wish to request an NCLS dataset, please do not use this form – use an NCLS Dataset Request Form instead.


Download NCLS Results Request Form

NCLS Dataset Request form: Use this form to request NCLS datasets. If you wish to request results derived from NCLS datasets, please do not use this form – use an NCLS Results Request Form instead.


Download NCLS Dataset Request Form

Publicly available results: View NCLS fact sheets and occasional papers.

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