Church survey tools

Easy to use survey tools to assess church health, leadership coaching and local community connections

NCLS Research aims to equip church leaders to nurture healthy and vital congregations, build effective and sustainable leadership practices, as well as strengthen their connections with the local community.

Survey tools, that are easy to use and researcher designed, provide insights into church life and the local community, to inform and shape modern day ministry.


Discover valuable insights about your church community through a Church Life Survey. Receive a detailed picture of the experiences of church attenders and indicators of church health, which can inform and equip ministry and mission.

About Church Life Surveys

Understand the people of your local community better. Receive a dynamic report showing how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs, as well as their sense of wellbeing, their spiritual practices and identity.

About Local Community Surveys

A free online tool to equip and support effective dialogue for coaching and mentoring church leaders. Designed in collaboration with consultants, it provides an ongoing tool to record and review key areas of leadership development and church health.

About Coaching Churches Check-In

A free online tool to track new churches and innovations in church life. Add or update information about new churches or gatherings and explore a growing database. As well, you can access reports about innovation in Australian churches.

About New Churches Project