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  • How healthy are Australian churches?
  • Sustainable leadership
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  • The newcomer experience - who are the new arrivals and what matters most
  • What Australians think and believe today
  • The six personal foundations church leaders need to thrive
  • What helps churches flourish?

Presentations from our key research projects


National Church Life Survey

Every 5 years the National Church Life Survey is conducted across Australian churches. It is Australia’s most comprehensive survey of church life. It is also the largest, longest running survey of church life in the world.

The survey explores the beliefs, attitudes and practices of hundreds of thousands of church-going Australians. The survey results provide a picture of church health and vitality for local churches, denominations and nationally. The insights inform and equip churches and other organisations as they look at their ministry and mission in the diverse society that is contemporary Australia.

Choose from one of the topics below or contact us  to explore other themes with one of our team:

  • How healthy is your church?  The health of churches in your region from the 2021 National Church Life Survey
  • Understanding your Church Life Profile
  • A practical workshop
Australian Community Survey

The Australian Community Survey uncovers the changing spiritual profile of Australians by exploring what Australians know and believe about the Christian faith, the role of spiritual practices for wellbeing and how Australians view churches.

Results are compared to previous surveys to see how spirituality is changing, including religious practices, beliefs, experiences and identity.

Choose from one of the topics below or contact us  to explore other themes with one of our team:

  • Intersection of church and community life
  • What Australians think and believe today
Sustainable leadership

Another key area of research is looking into the health, well-being and sustainability of church leaders.

From decades of work, NCLS can provide insights into the qualities and practices of effective leadership, factors that impact stress and burnout and equipping leaders to thrive.

Church responses to Domestic and Family Violence

Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) is a serious and widespread problem in Australia.  It occurs in all communities, including communities of faith.  NCLS Research has delivered important research to inform and equip church leaders and denominations into the prevalence, experience and responses to domestic and family violence in Australian churches.


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