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Adult Attender Surveys

The Attender Survey is designed to be completed by all church attenders aged 15 years and over.

Complete it at any activity of spiritual nurture e.g. during a worship service or small group gathering, to capture your attenders' discernments and passions for growth in your church.

20 minutes

It should take attenders about 20 minutes to complete. We suggest allocating 20 minutes in the middle of the church service, mass or gathering for attenders to fill in their survey, then allow extra time afterwards for people to complete their survey if needed.

One survey per attender

Each attender is asked to fill in an attender survey once only. Churches are welcome to hand out attender surveys for completion at all activities of spiritual nurture, e.g. worship services, small groups, mid week communion, youth group etc., however we ask that each person fill in an attender survey form once only.

A paper survey

Attender Surveys are paper survey forms, designed to be filled out by hand using a pen or lead pencil. As attender surveys are printed to be electronically scanned, they cannot be photocopied. If extra survey forms are required, please contact the NCLS Research office.

Languages other than English

The adult attender survey is available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dinka, Korean, Italian, Tongan and Vietnamese.

Sample Adult Attender Survey

Download a Sample Adult Attender Survey as a pdf

PowerPoint Instruction Slide

Use the Powerpoint slide below to display your Church Code during the survey.

NCLS Church Code PowerPoint

A PowerPoint for use to display your unique NCLS Church Code while people are completing their surveys.

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