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NCLS Research results are regularly circulated in papers and publications.  Here we share these results in a range of easy to read Fact Sheets produced by NCLS Research.

Views from the Pews

Church Life
NCLS Research surveys church attenders and leaders to study trends in church life and identify the core qualities that contribute to church vitality and health. Our research maps the presence and activities of churches and shares the stories of the positive contributions they make to their local communities. With the aim of resourcing and supporting leaders, we highlight effective and sustainable leadership practices in churches.

Attender Attitudes
NCLS Research also canvasses a range of topics that relate to Australian life and see what the opinions and perspectives of churchgoers reveal.

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Many of Australia’s church attenders have a strong sense of environmental responsibility.
This Fact Sheet looks at issues related to the number of hours worked by workers in Australian churches
What do Australian church attenders think about the role their churches should play in peacemaking?
What do Australian church attenders think about whether the government should spend more or less on defence?
This NCLS Fact Sheet examines Australian churches' reporting on the numbers of people who have gone on short, medium, and long term overseas mission trips.
This Fact Sheet examines Australian churches' support for mission via the organising of mission trips either overseas or elsewhere in Australia.
This fact sheet examines Australian Protestant churches' support for workers in other…
This fact sheet examines the support of Australian churches for people in developing…
The notion of a just society, where all have adequate access to resources, opportunity and a say in…
Indications are that public support for Australia becoming a republic has declined. In 1999, the…

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