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Churches can view their Summary Profile of results from April 2022

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From April 2022, churches can view a Summary Profile of their key results from the 2021 National Church Life Survey.


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Churches who have completed and returned their 2021 NCLS Surveys, received an email granting access to their Summary Profile online, from April 2022. 

The full Church Life Profile will be available in late 2002. 

What next?

Getting the most from the survey process

A positive, inclusive process
Involving your churchgoers in a process of review through a Church Life Survey can be a positive inclusive process of affirmation, discernment and moving forward together in ministry and mission.

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National Church Life Surveys

The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is a five-yearly co-operative venture across all churches in Australia and is the largest longitudinal study of church life in the world.