Church Life Profile

Churches that complete a Church Life Survey will receive a Church Life Profile of their survey results.

Churches that participated in a Church Life Survey will receive a Church Life Profile of their unique survey results.  

The Church Life Profile is a 28 to 36 page colour report that shows the survey responses of your church attenders.  

The Profile provides a detailed review of 9 core qualities of church life.

It includes changes over time and comparisons with denominational results. 

If your church completed the Child Survey or special denominational questions, these results pages are also included.

Download a Sample Church Life Profile (pdf)


View your Church Life Profile online

View and Share your Church Life Profile  

You can access each of your Profiles ONLINE and IN PRINT.  
You will receive instructions on how to sign in and access your online Profile online, and options for sharing it.  You will be able to distribute your Church Life Profile to others electronically, as a PDF or you can print it out. You might share your Profile with your church attenders or a core leadership group. 

How to view and share your Profile



Contents of your Church Life Profile  


Summary Profile

The first section of the Profile is the Summary Profile providing key highlights in an easy graphic style.

It includes a dashboard summary of your results on page 3, which can be easily photocopied or pinned up on a noticeboard as an overview of your survey results.

Then, it describes the people of your church, their gifts and skills, how your people relate to God, eachother and the wider community, as well as the vision, innovation and leadership culture within your church.

Your church could use this Summary Profile in a short session of reflection and celebration of your church’s strengths.

Detailed Review
Part 1: The People of This Church

The next section of your Church Life Profile is a Detailed Review of your church’s vitality.

Part 1 provides an overview of the people of your local church, including their demographics, church history and involvement in leadership roles. 

It shows Attendance Estimates of your size, along with Inflow and Outflow patterns of your attenders.

Detailed Review
Part 2: Core Qualities of Church Health

Part 2 provides an evaluation of your church’s vitality in 9 core qualities of church life.

  • The internal core qualities show your church’s results in faith, worship and belonging.
  • The outward core qualities reveal your church’s results in service, faith sharing and inclusion.
  • The inspirational core qualities assess your church in vision, leadership culture and innovation.

If your church participated in previous surveys there is a comparison showing changes over time. The Profile also includes a comparison to the region or denomination of your church (e.g. Synod, State, Diocese).

Child Survey Results

If your church completed a Child Survey for attenders aged 8 to 14, your Child Survey results will be included in your Profile.

Denominational Questions

If your denomination or movement commissioned questions in the NCLS, your churchgoer's responses to these questions will also be included in your Profile.

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