After the Survey

Evaluate, communicate and act on your results

After completing a Church Life Survey, churches receive their Profile of results along with resources to make the most of their survey results. We encourage churches to consider what their church is ready for, then Evaluate, Communicate and Act. 

Assess what your church is ready for and its capacity to respond to your results. Discern the best goals and process to suit your church. More
Explore and review your results. Evaluate the implications for your church's health and vitality. More
Form an overview of your results and communicate key points with your church. Invite and affirm their involvement in any future plans or goals. More
Decide on action steps in response to your results. Conduct a process of review or planning to determine goals, then pursue them. More
Three Planning Processes are offered to help churches take steps of action:

More information:

How to view and share your results

Profiles are available to view and share, either in printed copy or in pdf form online. Several options are available for a church leader online. 

Churches can view summary results from April 2022.

About the Church Life Pack

Explore your Church Life Profile, Church Life Survey Workbook and Enriching Church Life ebook. More info


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