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How do leaders thrive and not just survive?

Who is this resource for?

This resource is for you, if you are involved in Christian ministry or leadership. Based on our research into sustainable leadership, involving tens of thousands of Australian church leaders since 2001, it includes the perspectives of ministers, pastors and priests, along with ‘lay’ (non-ordained) leaders and ministry leaders.

Are you feeling positive about your ministry?

Those in Christian leadership can experience tremendous levels of personal satisfaction in their work. It can be intensely rewarding, giving a sense that you are making a positive difference.

Have you reflected lately on how positive you are feeling about your involvement in ministry?


How are you dealing with the stresses?

Leadership has its fair share of challenges. Particularly when leading in a church, evaluating how things are going can be difficult. Many are not aware that people in caring professions, including Christian ministry, often experience the highest levels of stress and even burnout.

Have you reflected lately on how you are dealing with any stressors you encounter in your ministry?

What is your current position between ‘thriving’ and ‘burning out’?

For many people in ministry, it is not a question of being either stressed or satisfied in your work. You can often experience both at the same time.

Ministry can present numerous stressors and at the same time deeply significant experiences. Therefore, the balance between these is critical to your ministry being sustainable over time.

It can mean the difference between you burning out, merely 'surviving', managing well or even thriving in ministry.

Jesus said of his followers: 

                "I have come that they might have life, and have it to the full".

Moving towards thriving in your ministry means you will be able to serve well and hopefully reflect life to those around you.



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