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Online Leadership Strengths Appraisal Survey

NCLS Research has developed an online leadership strengths appraisal survey for leaders.

It is one step in a four step Leadership Strengths Appraisal Process designed to help you name which areas of leadership you are strongest in, and to develop those strengths further.

When you fill out the Survey online you will receive instant feedback that names the survey’s appraisal of your four strongest leadership strengths.

The Survey is in the form of a number of tick boxes, and you will need to set aside about 15 minutes to complete it.

If you must interrupt the survey it can be saved so that when you return to where you left off.

You are encouraged to go with your first response to each question, rather than spending a lot of time mulling them over.

Once the survey is completed and submitted, a web based diagnostic will generate a graphic showing which of the twelve leadership strengths are your strongest four (like the graphic shown here).

By clicking on each of the four coloured strengths in the graphic you will access more information about that leadership strength and how to develop it further.

The graphic generated by you is confidential and will not be made available to anyone else - except by you. For example, your leadership team members may wish to do the survey and share their results to give a better sense of the strengths available in the team as it gives leadership to the community.

This is one step out of four in the NCLS Leadership Strengths Appraisal Process.

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