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The NCLS Community Social Profile (CSP) contains information about the local community that surrounds your church. Based on the Census, the CSP is made available to churches in a Community Connections Pack of resources.

During 2018 the NCLS Research team will be exploring the best ways to circulate community profiles based on the 2016 Census. Watch this website for more details throughout the year.

Maps, pictures and tables are used to show the social make-up of a community, how it is distinctive and how it has changed, in an easy to understand format. Your CSP presents information in three sections:

A. Summary Overview: This section gives you a quick overview of your community. It shows what most people in your area are like, what has changed and what is distinctive about your community.

B. Detailed Review: The Detailed Review gives more information about the people in your local area, their religious affiliation, household and family life, cultural background, work, education and more. 

C. Church and Community: This third part provides a comparison of your church attenders with your local community. It is available for churches who have completed a Church Life Survey.

View your CSP online

Based on the 2011 Census, the 2014 CSP was made available to churches in a Community Connections Pack of resources. Churches who purchased their Community Connections Pack could access a soft copy pdf of their CSP online using their Admin Key.

Walk through your CSP page-by-page

You can take one section of your CSP at a time, walking through the information step by step.

•  What has Changed in your Community
•  What is Distinctive about your Community
•  Population and Age Structure
•  Educational Qualifications
•  Employment and Income
•  Households and Families
•  Housing and Moving House
•  Culture and Religion
•  Comparing Your Church and Community

Interactive codes and links

The 2014 CSP includes scannable codes and weblinks, to enable you to access a range of options online. When you see a code in your CSP you can scan it using a smartphone or device, or follow the weblink to online pages where you can find ways to Share, Engage, Dig Deeper and Apply the information.

Ministry tips using your CSP

A range of tip sheets have been designed to help you use information about your community to shape your ministry to various groups of people.
Children's Ministry
Youth Ministry
Seniors Ministry
Multicultural Ministry
New Residents Ministry

Sample Community Social Profile

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