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NCLS 1991

In August 1991 attenders from around 6700 congregations in 18 Anglican and Protestant denominations completed an NCLS survey form during congregational activities (in fact one of several different survey forms).

In addition, the leadership of each congregation completed a much more detailed survey of congregational life. The design of these forms was carried out by project staff in conjunction with contact persons from participating denominations, academics and church consultants both in Australia and overseas.

About 80% of congregations receiving forms participated in the survey. Results have been weighted to take into account variations in rates of response and to account for any non-participating regions within denominations.

Twelve different versions of the attender survey form were designed to make the most of this opportunity. The first set of 35 questions were identical across most survey forms. Most attenders (85–90%) in participating congregations were given one of three ‘primary’ surveys. The remaining 10–15% of attenders were randomly selected and given one of the ‘individual’ survey forms. In this way, random samples of between 2000 and 5000 attenders completed each of these smaller surveys.

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