NCLS Research

Sponsors and Partners

This venture is only possible because of visionary and generous support and co-operation from sponsors and denominational partners. It has also been a venture across partner nations.

Primary Sponsors

NCLS Research is a joint project of Uniting Mission and Education (NSW & the ACT), ANGLICARE Diocese of Sydney, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and the Australian Catholic University. These agencies provide the core staffing for a project that involves a partnership across denominations.

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Denominational Partners

Participating denominations create a network of co-operation. Around 90 Regional Co-ordinators play a crucial role in linking the 7000 congregations across different regions.

Participating denominations identify a national, state or regional (eg diocesan) contact person for NCLS Research to liaise with.

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Other Sponsors and Partners

NCLS Research has appreciated the support of many sponsors over the years. Some key long term partnerships have also developed. Openbook Howden has worked in close co-operation with NCLS Research on many projects over the years. 

Partner Nations

NCLS has been conducted as part of an international partnership concerned about the mission of the church into the new millennium. In 2001 the International Church Life Survey included partners  from four countries - Australia, the USA, England and New Zealand - and were connected with many of the major denominations around the world.   Since then, different countries have conducted Church Life Surveys using the Australian model.  They include USA, South Africa, the Netherlands and Singapore. 

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