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2011 NCLS Research Collection

This is a collection of publications that use data from the 2011 National Church Life Survey. They have been written by NCLS Research staff and associate researchers (including from the Pastoral Research Office of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, ANGLICARE Sydney, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, and others).

The collection includes research reports, fact sheets, academic papers, book chapters, workbooks and more across a wide range of research areas.

Table of contents

  • Who Goes to Church
  • Church Health
  • Leadership
  • Churches in the Public Sphere
  • Social and Political Views
  • Spirituality and Wellbeing
  • Resources for Local Churches
  • Commissioned Reports

Author/s: Ruth Powell, Miriam Pepper and Nicole Hancock

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Powell, R., Pepper, M and Hancock, N (2016). 2011 NCLS Research Collection – Revised edition, March 2016 Catalogue number 4.16.001. Sydney: NCLS Research.

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