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Hours worked by Australian Church Workers, NCLS Fact Sheet 15003

This Fact Sheet looks at issues related to the number of hours worked by workers in Australian churches. Such workers may be senior ministers, assistant ministers, youth and children's workers or others with a specialised ministry focus, as well as those who work in an administration role. Many church workers work beyond their expected number of hours in the role outlined for them. This may represent an area of concern for church leaders, particularly if such practices are unsustainable and staff do not stay in their role as a result.

Author/s: Sam Sterland

Price: Free

Sterland, S. (2015) Hours worked by Australian Church Workers, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 15003. Adelaide: Mirrabooka Press.

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NCLS Fact Sheet 15003 Hours Worked by Australian church workers.pdf (242.0KB)

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