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A comparison of the vitality of monocultural and multicultural churches NCLS Occasional Paper 24

Migration, and the involvement by Australian churches in ministry to migrants, is a significant factor in the shaping of both Australian society and the Australian churches. Many Australians have been directly impacted by the migrant experience. Some 5.3 million people, or 25% of Australia's population in 2011, indicated that they were born overseas 1, and 1.8 million people have arrived in Australia 2001-2011, indicating high levels of recent migration2. 43% of all Australians in 2011 indicated that they had at least one parent born overseas.3 Moreover, there is an increasing diversity of source countries of emigration. The top countries of birth in 2011 for Australia's overseas-born population were: United Kingdom (21%), New Zealand (9%), China (6%), India (6%), and Italy (4%).4 Australia's population is also becoming increasingly multilingual, with more than half (53%) of those born overseas and migrating to Australia able to speak a language other than English (LOTE).5 Only one tenth of migrants identified their ability to speak English as 'not well or not at all'

Author/s: Ian Duncum, Miriam Pepper, Nicole Hancock and Ruth Powell

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Duncum, I., Pepper, M., Hancock, N. & Powell, R. (2014) A comparison of the vitality of monocultural and multicultural churches, Occasional Paper 24. Sydney: NCLS Research. © NCLS Research, 2014

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