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Clarity of Purpose: Personal Foundation 2 of Sustainable Leadership 14003

This fact sheet examines the importance of a 'clarity of purpose' for the Christian leader and the relationship with sustainable leadership. Leader Survey results from the National Church Life Survey in 2011 and earlier years show that those with a strong clarity of purpose are more likely to be thriving in ministry rather than burning out. NCLS Research has conducted extensive research into sustainable leadership - avoiding burnout and moving from surviving to thriving in ministry. Most church leaders face many challenges in ministry and also experience many encouragements. Numerous factors need to be taken into account to understand why some leaders struggle while others manage well. Some factors may be difficult or even impossible to change. Clarity of purpose is one area where change can occur - where a leader can examine their own identity, priorities, practices, and relationships to consider what could be different and how positive results could flow.

Author/s: Sterland, S., Powell, R.

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Powell, R., (2011) [computer file], 2011 NCLS Leader Survey. Sydney, Australia: NCLS Research. Sterland, S. (2014) : Clarity of Purpose: Personal Foundation 2, Factsheet 1.14003. Sydney: NCLS Research.

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