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Mass campaigns for global justice, NCLS Fact Sheet 13001

Awareness of inequality, and of popular responses to poverty such as charity giving and mass advocacy campaigns, has grown significantly since the late 1990s. What are church attenders’ views concerning support for, and participation in, these responses to poverty? Should the church campaign for global justice? In late 2011 as a part of the 2011 National Church Life Survey, a sample of Catholic, Anglican and Protestant church attenders were asked the following question: “Do you believe it is a Christian responsibility to take part in mass campaigns designed to address issues of global poverty or injustice (e.g. Make Poverty History, Micah Challenge)?”

Author/s: Bevis, S., Hancock, N., Pepper, M., Powell, R. & Sterland, S.

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Bevis, S., Hancock, N., Pepper, M., Powell, R. & Sterland, S. (2013) Campaigning for global justice:attender attitudes, NCLS Research Fact Sheet 13001. Adelaide: Mirrabooka Press

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