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About Church Life Surveys

How is your church going?

Why not use a Church Life Survey regularly to see how your church is progressing?

Churches can run a Church Life Survey at any time that suits them, to assess their quality of church life.

Are your attenders growing in their faith? Does your church own its vision? Find out what your churchgoers think with a Church Life Survey from NCLS Research. As it canvasses all of your church attenders, it's a reliable source of insight and feedback for church leaders.
Your church as a whole will be better equipped to hold meaningful discussions and set goals to strive for, based on evidence rather than surmise.

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You may find a Church Life Survey useful...

  • to see the strengths of your church attenders, their hopes and priorities in order to build a vision
  • to plan new ministries and compare survey results before and after implementing that plan
  • where there have been changes, such as church planting or a new church service commencing
  • where large numbers of people have joined or left a congregation, or
  • when a new minister joins a congregation.

Churches that complete a Church Life Survey receive a full colour Profile report, along with a Church Life Pack of supporting resources, to help them engage their results and plan a way forward.

Available at any time to suit your church

You can order a Church Life Survey online, or contact to express your interest in a Church Life Survey. Surveys are available for adult attenders (aged 15 years and over) and child attenders (aged 8-14 years).

10 Reasons to Survey your Church

How Churches Use Church Life Surveys

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