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The saying is 'a picture is worth 1000 words'. Cartoons will often make you laugh and yet also contain a truth that cuts to the heart of the matter. Graphics can communicate ideas very quickly.

Cartoons by Chris Morgan (CX Media): Chris has made an invaluable contribution to NCLS with his cartoons over many years. See his gallery.

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Denominational Commendations

The cartoons of Chris Morgan are the first thing many people look at in NCLS publications. We have samples from nearly 200 cartoons.

These cartoons have not yet been sorted into different subjects. This will happen in the near future.

Licences and Payment:

As the legal owner of these cartoons, Chris has chosen to show trust and generosity. Most people won't need to worry about payment, some people will only have to worry a bit.

A free Subscription for a Personal Licence is granted to all site visitors so you can view all cartoons.
Chris suggests a range of fees for other uses. We encourage you to purchase the appropriate subscription.

View all Chris Morgan's cartoons

More about CX Media Cartoon Licences

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