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A Church Life Survey enables a church to assess the health and vitality of a church.

As it is based on a solid research framework, it allows a church to go beyond counting heads to assess nine core qualities and three attendance measures in their church.

A Church Life Survey is a comprehensive survey tool, developed by NCLS Research over 20 years of mission research in thousands of churches in Australia and overseas.  Church Life Surveys are available to churches/parishes at any time.

The Survey offers survey forms for adult church attenders aged 15 years and over, available in English, Arabic, Chinese, Dinka, Korean, Italian, Tongan and Vietnamese.

Children’s Survey forms are also available for children aged 8 to 14.

How to Order

Order a Church Life Survey Online

Alternatively, you are welcome to email with an expression of interest to purchase a Survey.

Download Information Kit and Order Form

A Standard Church Life Survey

A Standard Survey Pack includes attender surveys for adult attenders aged 15 years and over, plus children’s surveys for attenders aged 8 to 14. The Standard Pack costs $250 per church or parish, plus $2 per attender survey form ordered.

The Standard Church Life Survey Pack



Who for?

How Much?

Attender Survey

The main survey to be distributed to all church attenders over the age of 15
NB: Attender surveys are available in languages other than English. See order form.

All church attenders aged 15 years and over.

$250 per church/ parish plus $2 per attender survey ordered

Children’s Survey

A paper survey to be completed at the same time as the Attender survey. Optional to order.

8-14 year old church attenders.

$2 per survey

Checklist Cover Sheet

A checklist survey about the operations and context of your church.

Senior leader or church administrator.

Included free with standard pack

Churches should note that the NCLS Confidentiality Protocol means that a minimum of 10 completed Attender Surveys must be received back by NCLS Research before detailed results can be given to the church. Similarly a minimum of 10 completed Children’s Surveys are required.

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