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Benefits for your church

In around 20 minutes that it takes to complete a Church Life Survey, you will capture your attenders' discernments about vision, direction and passions for growth in your church. Identifying the current strengths in your church can be an important first step in effectively planning for growth and vitality.

The survey asks questions about core qualities in churches, that are known to contribute to health and vitality.

Research based and credible

The NCLS Church Life Survey is a comprehensive survey tool, developed by NCLS Research over 20 years of mission research, in thousands of churches in Australia and overseas. The Church Life Survey enables a church to assess the health and vitality of a church, using a solid research framework. It allows a church to go beyond counting heads to assess nine core qualities and three attendance measures in their church.

Australian based

Take advantage of a uniquely Australian research model, formed in our own context and covering a diversity of churches across the nation. Instead of drawing recommendations from one particular church, NCLS Research has developed their framework from thousands of churches, urban and rural, with diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including new initiatives, church plants as well as long established congregations.

What's in it for me?

  • Local church leaders will gain a clearer picture of their people, not just their demographics, but their faith life, their commitment to the mission, their Christian living, their hopes for their church.
  • Local church leaders will gain insights into the leadership qualities churches need to draw on, their own leadership strengths, as well as those of their leadership team.
  • Leaders will see precisely the areas of church life that the congregation most values and the areas they would most like to see further developed.

All of this will help leaders not only discern directions but the strategies necessary to move surely into those directions.

What’s in it for my church?

  • The congregations will gain a clearer understanding of their strengths as a Christian community, their mission and their pastoral care for each other.
  • The ministry groups will gain precise feedback on their own area of ministry.
  • The church as a whole will be better equipped to hold meaningful discussions and set goals to strive for, based on evidence rather than surmise.

What Churches Receive


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