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Latest Research Findings


Leader wellbeing: the impact of effectiveness and stress

With a gap between leaders’ aspirations and the reality of day to day ministry roles, along with the challenges and demands of ministry in general, how do leaders feel they are going?

Ministry roles: What should be done versus the actual reality

We examine the gap between the roles local senior leaders actually carry out, compared with what they feel should be their main roles.

How churchgoers are impacting communities

Some 46% of Australian church attenders (across 20+ denominations) participate in community groups that aren’t connected with their churches, according to the 2021 National Church Life Survey. When we look at groups focussed on community service, care and welfare, we find 27% of attenders are involved in church-based ministries and 22% are involved in community groups not connected to their local church.

What types of social services do local churches provide?

We asked local churches about social services or social action activities they had provided or run. Results show that churches provide a wide range of services. Most common are visitation and emergency relief, as well as chaplaincy and counselling services.

Latest News and Features

Schooling Matters Webinar

Church attenders' perceptions about Australian schooling

Join us on 25th October to hear the latest findings and reflections on the views of Christian church attenders on Australian schooling. It explores how schooling matters to churchgoers, what influences choice of schools, the impact of school on their own lives, and their views of spirituality in learning and education. Comprehensive results from over 20 denominations in the 2021 NCLS.

Understanding and action: a local parish case study

How one parish has benefited from the NCLS for over 20 years

Father Jim McKeon is Parish Priest at Epping Carlingford Catholic Parish in Sydney, New South Wales. We recently asked Fr Jim why he thought participating in the 2021 NCLS was so beneficial for his church.

Local Community Survey

In 15 minutes see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs

Would you like to understand your local community better? In 15 minutes you can see how people from your local area view church, faith and community needs.

Church Life Survey

Anytime, any church can order a Church Life Survey!

You can discover valuable insights about your church through a Church Life Survey anytime. It is simple to run, and in only 20 minutes, enables your church to assess your church health, discover and build on your strengths, and determine priorities and future directions.


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